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As of 2002-12-19, the term "LiterateXSLT" was not found on any of Google, Yahoo, or Alta Vista. We began using this term 2002-12-16 to refer to the technique of seeding a prototypical result instance with enough benign signals from which a W3C conformant XSLT 1.0 stylesheet can be derived for a particular source file.

We are claiming a trademark on "LiterateXSLT" because we think it is the best terminology for this approach we've developed. We realize full text web searches are not legal measurements of anyone else's use of this terminology, but we are confident that had anyone else used this term it would have shown up by now.

1. Introduction

The term "Literate Programming" is from Donald E. Knuth and refers to a methodology that combines a programming language with a documentation language, making programs more easily maintained.

The term "LiterateXSLT" refers to our methodology that combines XSLT stylesheet information with a candidate result tree. This was initially developed for our use of XSL-FO because of the well-behaved nature of XSL-FO processors to ignore foreign constructs. The candidate result tree is used to determine the desired layout in an XSL-FO instance and then LiterateXSLT signals are added to it in a benign (to XSL-FO) and thereby literate fashion. Our proprietary process then synthesizes a stylesheet from the literate instance such that the stylesheet produces the candidate result tree as if it did not have any literate content.

This process can be used with any result vocabulary and is not restricted to only XSL-FO.

2. Status

Further work on this environment has been suspended now that the ResultXSLTTM. Please contact for more information.

3. Footnote

Our "LiterateXSLT" methodology is not to be confused with Norm Walsh's "Literate Programming in XML", a programming and documentation methodology.

This fascinating work by Norm was brought to our attention after our work on our stylesheet synthesizing methodology was completed, and has different objectives and uses.

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