An Annotatable DSSSL Stylesheet Environment

This is an environment supporting the writing and documentation of annotated DSSSL stylesheets.

Typical DSSSL stylesheets conform to simple models containing only raw DSSSL code. The embedded documentation for these stylesheets is restricted to pretty-printed ASCII text.

The Annotatable DSSSL Stylesheet document model CSLDSSSL.DTD is rich with element content that contains parts, sub-parts, cross-references, and other constructs in addition to raw DSSSL code. The supporting documentation DSSSL stylesheet CSLDSSSL.SGM renders the rich embedded markup into documentation in three formats: print semantics, HTML markup, and distilled DSSSL code.

Note that the document model has two available document elements: one for an annotated stylesheet and one for an unannotated stylesheet.

The documentation for the CSLDSSSL stylesheet environment is created using itself: please see the HTML Version or PDF Version for more details.

The following zip file:         65 038  98-11-03  12:46

Contains these files:

csldsssl.bat          1 342  98-11-03  10:19 
csldsssl.dtd          4 241  98-11-03   8:00 
csldsssl.htm         41 679  98-11-03  11:16 
csldsssl.pdf         48 183  98-11-03  12:34 
csldsssl.sgm         34 454  98-11-03  11:14 
csldsssl.soc            774  98-11-03  11:15 
dsssl.dtd             4 804  98-09-01  17:15 
iso-lat1.ent          4 369  95-06-13   0:00 
iso-num.ent           4 901  95-06-13   0:00 
sample.dsl              211  98-11-03  11:13 
sample.htm            1 249  98-11-03  11:13 
sample.rtf            2 945  98-11-03  11:13 
sample.sgm              864  98-11-03  11:13 

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