DSSSL Presentation Development Application

Create frame-based slide-show presentations and the associated paper handouts using International Standards with this development environment.

This application is based on an SGML document model (DTD) and uses two DSSSL stylesheet scripts to render the structured presentation in both HTML and RTF.

Initially developed in April 1997, this application has been used since then in all training courses and conference presentations delivered by Crane Softwrights Ltd. At the request of one of our students, this application is being made available for others.

In the ZIP file below you will find a "help and test" presentation used to test the different application features and illustrate the results of the program.

Important! There is a password-protected zip file found inside the package ... the password is "apple2park".

Release History

98-05-03   7:40   PRESAPP1.ZIP 134,028 bytes

Fixed the error reporting for an invalid SUBDOC presentation frame reference.

98-05-02  16:20

Initial Release

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