Summary of Crane resources

This is a synthesized summary of the resources freely-available from Crane's web site, sorted in descending order of the date released:

ods2obdgc  2021-11-05
OpenOffice spreadsheet conversion to OBD genericode file
gc2obdndr  2020-06-04
Genericode to OBD NDR validation artefacts
literatexslt  2019-04-18
LiterateXSLT™ Stylesheet Synthesis
oxygengc  2017-11-05
OASIS genericode frameworks for oXygenXML editing tool
gc2odsxml  2017-07-27
Genericode conversion to OpenOffice spreadsheet files
oxygenubl  2017-07-19
UBL frameworks for oXygenXML editing tool
gc2ublndr  2015-07-26
Genericode to UBL NDR
ISOSTS  2015-07-17
ISOSTS XML rendering PDF
gc2summary  2015-06-27
Genericode to Summary HTML Reports
ods2ublgc  2015-06-24
OpenOffice spreadsheet conversion to complete UBL genericode file
dsig  2015-02-15
Digitally signing XML documents
UBL21ABIE  2014-12-31
UBL 2.1 ABIE summary report
ublform  2014-04-01
Proof of concept UBL form data entry
strategy4ubl2sql  2013-10-13
Strategy for UBL documents in SQL tables
csv  2013-07-08
ParseCSV and ParseTSV - supporting CSV and TSV in XSLT 2
ublrnc  2013-04-20
RELAX-NG schemas for UBL 2.0 documents
codess  2013-04-16
Genericode and CVA file stylesheets
tspython  2013-04-13
Python-based API to the Tradeshift REST service
cva2sch  2013-02-07
Schematron implementation of CVA files for validation
csv2gc  2013-01-18
CSV to genericode transformation
gcExportSubset  2011-11-11
OpenOffice spreadsheet export to genericode subset
ubl2-ss  2011-02-03
Printing and displaying UBL 2.0 instances to the UN Layout Key
XMP  2011-01-29
PDF XMP Metadata file extraction
digsig  2010-11-27
Digitally signing UBL documents
ubl2modelreport-EN  2010-09-05
Crane's UBL 2.0 model summary reports in English
ubl2modelreport-ES  2010-09-05
Crane's UBL 2.0 model summary reports in Spanish
ubl2modelreport-IT  2010-09-05
Crane's UBL 2.0 model summary reports in Italian
ubl2modelreport-JP  2010-09-05
Crane's UBL 2.0 model summary reports in Japanese
xslstyle  2010-08-17  xslstyle/
The XSLStyle™ XSLT documentation environment
filter  2008-10-26
UBL 2.0 instance filters
ubl2idd2genericode  2008-10-24
Crane's UBL 2.0 International Data Dictionary genericode files
StratML  2008-10-13
Demonstration HTML and PDF stylesheets for StratML
psmi  2008-08-05
PSMI - Interleaving page geometries
xls2ods2xml  2008-07-15
Unattended conversion of XLS to ODS to XML
drag-n-drop  2008-07-07
Simple XSLT stylesheet drag and drop invocation
sch2html  2008-07-07
Simple Schematron message summary reporting
showrddl  2007-11-20
showrddl - XSLT RDDL information exposure stylesheet
xpathrep  2007-04-14
XPath reporting
filterXSDDK  2006-12-21
Simplified UBL schema customization
xpathins  2006-12-04
XPath for XML instances
ublcodex  2006-11-08
UBL codex stylesheets
odf-xslt  2006-02-02
ODF XSLT filter stylesheet synthesis
unlk-ss  2005-11-15
UN Layout Key for non-UBL documents
aggreg  2004-11-14
Demonstration of XSLT-based aggregation
resultxslt  2004-05-24
ResultXSLT™ Stylesheet Synthesis
acid  2003-07-30  acid/
Acid test environment for entities
n2x  2003-03-01  n2x/
N2X - Extended environment for SGML to XML transformation
bbi  2002-12-13  bbi/
Back of the book index methodology
dumpfo  2002-11-12  dumpfo/
dumpfo - Print dump of Unicode characters
bittest  2001-02-22  Bit testing in XSLT
xslkeys  2001-02-21  An Illustration of the XSLT Key Construct
debugmsxml  2001-01-20  Static Creation and Debugging Stylesheets with MSXML Processing
xsltexp  2000-12-07  xsltexp/
Experiments Using XSLT With Topic Maps
showtree  2000-06-10  showtree/
SHOWTREE - XSLT Tree Display Stylesheet
annot  1998-11-03  csldsssl/
Annotatable DSSSL Stylesheet
color  1998-06-16  Color Resources for DSSSL
presapp  1998-05-03  presapp/
An example slide presentation application
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